Thursday, March 19, 2009


Still Alive - and Recovering - despite Natural Balance's attempt to kill me.

"When Presidents Lie - A History of Official Deception and its Consequences" is the title of a book my Mommy is reading. She says though the book was written about the presidents of the United States, the most important consequence is the Presidents of all the Companies that pay to put the Presidents in Power have a "corporate family value" to lie, deceive, cheat and hide like the murderous cowards they are.

The presidents of all the Pet Food companies like the one above ran to their lawyers at my Mommy's first innocent query... that very act drives the final nails in the coffins of their Skull and Bones Piracy Enterprises.

As for me, each meal time, I wonder what's in store for me, I'm down to the last bit of kibble that didn't kill me.

Mommy says lawsuits are not worth it, but she's changed her mind here, as I have more vets visits in my future. She says the Court of King George is morally insane, and there should be no more discussion about it, only action among those who have sworn to protect the people.

FDA Says 4150 Pets Reported Dead today, is too little, too late. Mommy had spoken with them in March, and said unless they were willing to quote the correct statistics which back then were over 2,000 pets dead, they would be sued right along with Natural Balance and Hills Science Diet. The FDA insisted until today only 16 pets were killed. Many are asking why the Mainstream Media doesn't headline this story, but the Mainstream News has been - for 15 years - just a way for poor people in America to have cheap toilet paper.

Because she is a stealth Ayurvedic health cooking expert, Mommy has been watching the linkages to the human food supply. Now she understands why I don't eat a lot of human quality meat, chicken (38 chicken farms fed tainted pet food back in February), or turkey the same way I turned my nose up at the cans of cat food or kibble after I tasted the poison in them.

She says that CANADA banned all Chinese vegetable protein the minute they found out about the Chinese poisoned food, but it took the Satanists at the FDA months before they got the OK from their Corporate Masters to do this today: "Checking all untested Chinese vegetable protein" - "A move rare in its breadth, according to USA Today".

"Who will rid us of this evil?"