Thursday, March 19, 2009



My Mommy said they just banned ITCHMO in CHINA.

That figures! The Chief Burning Bush is now making a deal with his Chinese friends to import plasticized, homogenized, processed white meat they will label as CHICKEN - but could contain the flesh of anything from cats, dogs, roadkill, even humans into the United States. Mela-nuggets are the least of our problem here!

They have their old Zyklon-B friends to help, so they can pull this off! Remember their Zyklon-B friends? They're now into recycling to their VERBUNDERFUL toxic wastes in China into our food supply. Gosh darn, Son of IG Farben certainly learned a thing or two from what all they did in Auschwitz e.g., when they turned the poor Jews they gassed into lampshades: we thought they had stopped there, but they obviously didn't.

Could it be? Was it Herr VERBUNDERBAR of BASF who taught the Chinese how to recycle hair from barber shops, medical waste and sanitary napkins into Chinese SOYA SAUCE?

Fifty plus years later, Herr VERBUNDERBAR has perfected The Art of Verbundering the world and is now bringing us: BETTER LIVING THROUGH TOXIC WASTE!

The issue here is that Junior himself sees nothing wrong with this, given his and his Administration's taste for fresh human kill. OK, OK, I'm talking about the endless slaughter Iraq, aren't I, as at this point it sure as heck is obvious they're all getting off on the blood as well as the oil.

This is what Generational Satanism does, which is "nanotubed" into the Skull and Bones elitist mentality. Running their heirs through those S&B rituals so there is NOTHING but NOTHING they will balk at doing to we the people: ask your President and his Nazi friends when you can "scopolamine" them into a moment of truth. Or ask the victims that survived and can point fingers. There's that -amine word again!

Remember the Skull and Bones insignia is the exact same image as the one used by the Nazi SS. Wrap your head around that, America, it's about 3 seconds to midnight and they're gonna "do you" through food.

Want to call this crazy? Check your facts: the ONLY TWO COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD that officially had DEPARTMENTS OF EUGENICS were WW 2's Nazi Germany and CURRENT DAY CHINA. The political continuity between BOTH is the BUSH FAMILY of the USA.

A Marriage made in Satanic Heaven? You decide. Make sure you decide right as the lives of your babies depend on it.