Thursday, March 19, 2009


It appears the Republic of China, in collusion with greedy Pet Food Manufacturers, have launched an all out attack on cats (and dogs). Is this, perhaps, their way of paying back those who mocked the ingredients in Chinese restaurants?

As of today the company Natural Balance discovered - though it had a contract with a manufacturer - the manufacturer who will remain anonymous for now - and not Stephen Miller - is under Federal criminal investigation - for outsourcing a process they were entrusted with not including foreign ingredients, which was against their contract. See their nice American website - filled with lies - another US corporate ghoul craps over the US flag and gets away with it on Bush's FDA's watch. Natural Balance which we thought was safe, claims it has voluntarily recalled their affected products.

Of course, we notice the emphasis is on voluntary (umm, if you knew rat poison was in your product do you get a gold star for pulling it off the shelves?).

The lies and ANI's interlocked coverup with the FDA ... they apparently made a deal with the FDA to admit they've been tampering, so that way they didn't have to get their products put on the FDA recall list, and they could continue with greed and deception, and the killing of America's pets.

"It appears that ANI had been adding the unauthorized rice protein concentrate to Harmony Farms products for some time and only told the Company when the FDA was about to conclude that some of ANI’s rice protein concentrate (Supplied by Wilber-Ellis) was contaminated with Melamine."
It appears rice and corn gluten are involved. Which is what I thought would be the case, when we were told about wheat gluten poisoning, and studied the manufacturing processes "over there"... Anyway, Use of Gluten == Corporate Glutton. Where's the beef?

I could say "due diligence" but greedy ghouls infest our planet, and the Current American Presidency - also known as the Mother of All Ghoul-fests (tm) has a long history pandering to China and consorting with the Devil - poisoning people over there with opium and here with heroin - so who's kidding whom here?

The pet food scandal has reached unspeakable and atrocious levels of criminality, feeding the tainted dog food to hogs. Which cultures on this planet hate dogs and pigs and Americans so much they would do this? Oh wait, it's not about hate, it's about money. Perhaps we should start each day by burning a dollar bill to remember where our American soul lies, right Mr. Google?

Before this is over
, will we find dried cat and dog food have been infested for at least six months, and almost every brand will be recalled? And what about the crossover to human food supply?

Before this is over, you will follow the money and the interlocking corporate agendas right to the fat pigs of politicians themselves that run this unspeakably evil food biz. (that's a current example exposed by some blunt Missouri legislators who some week ago, confessed money is used to make FOOD and AGRIGUCLTURE BILLS that were voted down magickally "pass".

Back to the solution: home cooking for pets is this simple, and this is to illustrate how easy preparing one kind of pet food is, (lest you think this one item is standard fare, oh please!):

Get a whole organic chicken, stick it in a big pot, cover with water ... cook for 3-5 hours - harvest the good meat (squeeze out all the juices from the muscle meat) , separate the smaller bones, crush them up, simmer those in organic tomato soup, strain off the resulting liquid, add to the harvested meat broth, pour into 7 cups and freeze the ones you're not using today. This is the easiest way to move kitty over to home cooked. It's basically a savory sauce commercial pet food makers use, but add deadly glutens.

You on the other hand, will add good stuff only, which if you're home cooking for humans, you should have these on hand already: Brewers yeast (Lewis Lab's is our current favorite, this covers his B vitamins and trace minerals), taurine amino acid powder, bone meal powder - human quality only!, or a C and Mg mix (Mack hates Bone Meal but loves the Ca and Mg mix) and lecithin. As he progresses, add the other nutritional supplements that target specific issues, e.g., Vit A and E once a week for his coat... in fact the people at Nutrition for Optimal Wellness have been wonderfully helpful selecting supplements. Their products have been used by pet owners to supplement home-cooked meals for a while, and they are thinking of putting out some literature to help us along. How about that.

The chicken broth recipes is from Anitra Frazier's excellent book "The New Natural Cat".

Invest in a good kitty vitamin brand - such as Zukes. Bone meal is nice to have, but there again, that "meal" word which so often isn't fit for anyone's meal, man or beast. If you don't use bone meal powder in your human food, do not put it in your pet's food. Better to get sources of trace and other minerals that are human quality not anonymously prepared "meal".

This is not rocket science - take back your sweet little pet, then take back your country's decency, by God, the Founding Fathers would have switched the heck out of Imus in an old tool shed, sent him sniveling off to sweep floors in a hospital, and lined up these hog poisoners in front of a (legal) firing squad. And be done by noon. Can we PLEASE have that America back? Sheesh, what does a cat have to do here to ration his nine lives?