Thursday, March 19, 2009


My Mommie have something to say about this:

"First I want to thank Mackie for surviving. I had no idea what was going on. What's going to happen is the outrage concerning collusion to coverup the Toxic Pet Food scandal will grow. Inevitably, we'll hear more Rosie O'Donnell bully pulpits about how we (obviously, a nation of ignorant, unwashed morons?) are more concerned about a damn cat than our sons and daughters in Iraq.

I am a person who has earned the right to say something about that. When Rosie was comfortable in her very little house wherever, I - Mackie's Mommie - was front and center in the hell hole you all know as Ground Zero. It used to be my home. You know, Ground Zero, the plausible reason for the Iraq War -a/k/a "the mother of all deviant elite games".

I want to say as a civilian who got thrust into war one day, that the only way all of us, including the big, strong wailing men got through those first horrific days of 9/11 was due to the animals on site.

That's right, the dogs and cats.

The rescue dogs there threw themselves into their work and literally died for us. Not a single rescue dog is alive, and their deaths due to toxic contamination have been covered up. Even their autopsies were sealed. Some rescue dogs were so overcome at the extent of the devastation and loss one literally lay down and died a short while later - his owner stated - of a broken heart.

When they were brought to my triage unit for first aid and rest , they licked my hands and we hugged. I could barely look into their eyes they were so "wounded". "What have you humans gone and done now, oh, oh, oh" they seemed to say, and then, "wag wag wag, never mind let me help you."

The only live rescues we got out those first days were people's cats and dogs from Battery Park City, and they were all in shock and toxic shock at that. But they were something to care for, and they reminded us with their fragility and unconditional love - they reminded us what we humans were here for, a stretch goal of what we are supposed to be to each other.

If we humans could only have half a heart as those rescue dogs, or half the sweetness of those terrified kitties, we wouldn't have wars.

And then, Rosie O'Donnell need not get up on her shameful pulpits to scold our demonstrations of unconditional love for our pets as a shameful act during her President's wars.

You can and must love and honor every sentient life. We are here to learn how to do that and the cats and dogs can serve as helpful guides back to that Garden of Eden.

Ms. Rosie needs to understand it's not one or the other, that thinking is as Hegelian as her President's training at the Skull and Bones.

Thank God, some of us have the heart to do both. So sad she doesn't. A bully by any other name will forever still be Rosie. Or some saying like that!

Thank you Mackie for letting me have my say."