Thursday, March 19, 2009


My Mommy hasn't posted on my blog since last May. The reason for that? About the time of the last May 2007 post, this blog was attracting attention from "the nether regions". I was sick, and my Mommy decided I was the priority.

So, let's back up a bit. Last February 2007, we were on the cusp of discovering the true reason I was so ill at that time: the then hidden, covered-up-for-at-least-six-months, strange episode of the Great Toxic Pet Food Attacks of 2007. To this day, that horrific event has engendered as many Unanswered Questions as any other terrorist attack "born in the USA".

An, it was sheer terror for us pets, your domesticated companions who rely on you for everything... and for caring pet parents, who could not fathom what was exploding in their pet food bowls, or at the vets offices: lies, death, unspeakable coverup's.

My Mommy will not excuse the vets. My Mommy will start first with the vets. For it is the State of the DVM Services industry itself that has fostered the very environment that willfully invited every single component that merged together to bring us the Great Toxic Pet Food Attacks of 2007.

We begin again by looking at the DVM Industry and their License to Heal, which has become a wanton License to Hurt, License to Kill. Anyone with a nice, caring vet, had better hold on tight.