Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, another trip, another "accident", when are you guys going to learn. Actually, in listening you talk, I think you finally "got it". Parks are really not a fun place for me, with DUCKS insisting you feed them, and PEACOCKS who think they own the place (maybe they do); and those big GEESE that like to honk at you and strut their stuff.

Look, to me a peacock is about what pterodactyl is to you, and you'd have an underwear change too if a flock of them headed your way, and all you had were two misguided mammals in charge of your safety.

I really wasn't looking forward to licking all that stuff off me, knowing wet bathtub loomed in my future, I was completely miserable. But, at least later I got wrapped in dozens of warm white towels, and you guys felt guilty for days. That was worth it.