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Since 2007, I have been tracing the financial and political roots of this appalling epidemic of bad vettery unleashed on the unsuspecting public.

Around the time I began to make hard connections to Texas A&M, and other "Big Aggie" research universities, such as UC Davis, and their offshore funders, and the cross-overs to Big Pharma, I began to get a lot of "flak" originating from new visitors to this site.

For Mack's well-being and safety in the vet's back-offices, and many others, I stopped posting here. I posted elsewhere. Well, now, looky here, full circle, it's 2009, and folks intimately related with Texas A&M (and I might add, UC Davis Ag) are really still ticked off at my "writing presence" and "research capabilities" on this planet.

I sincerely hope all the crocodile teary Hegelian shills are reading this...

Update: And they are, from at least these IP addresses, we won't reveal their names just yet, or here:, (San Antonio).
We hope that by clicking on these links, these Texas A&M linked people realize that getting an injunction against them for libel thrown out is not the justice normal people seek for vet malpractice.

Normal people seek and get costs plus punitive damages - these cases settle in civil court - and are sealed - by legal agreement. Those that do, are allowed so for a reason - "consider the source", "consider the litigant". Civil litigation is the normal course of action. Not putting up a webs site with libel.

And FINALLY: I had long been looking for a simple example of the term "Hegelian", and here it is. There exist several Internet based outfits that claim to expose and deal with bad vettery. Some are legit and but others are circuses, using highly questionable methods to "out" the terrible epidemic of bad vettery. And some are "Hegelian", purporting to fix the very thing they have no intention of fixing. The problem with expert Hegelians, is that most of the "foot soldiers" they recruit are clueless. Hence the ultimate success through this most effective but devious approach.

Hegelian soldiers are recruited from the ranks of those who have lost themselves, and are easily co-opted, with or without themselves being any wiser. Very cleverly, the best and cheapest way to find out what new vet malpractice victims are up to with regard to lawsuits, is to establish a group that gets all the legal details of the case, names, address, other details of the complaint, and pass it on as a "heads up" to the stakeholders in this deadly game. Ostensibly they pose as a consumer protection group. Behind their doors, anything can be going on.

It is far, far cheaper for a powerful and wealthy industry to do so, and all that would play out with an Internet presence, often involving innocent looking "groups". It is certainly worth it to them to shell out $50K or $10K, and quite frankly there exist some people who they can enroll to do their dirty work - either knowingly or unknowingly - for free, or even by false flattery.

The fact that "someone else" had a pet that was harmed from alleged vet malpractice and took it to court - with or without success - any good lawyer will tell you that regarding YOUR case: SO WHAT. A good lawyer will give you the bad news, all that, vis a vis YOU, means NOTHING. It doesn't mean they were honest or not, or up to something or not, it just means NOTHING. It isn't even good for precedent. The reason is animals are considered property.

The ONLY thing that differentiates PROPERTY from a LIFE WITH MORE VALUE THAN PROPERTY, is the emotional damage YOU the owner CAN PROVE to a jury you suffered, from not having the pet's companionship.

[Since the mal vet license is equally protected as property, this legal situation becomes a level playing field in court. Beyond that, why animals are still considered property and making laws to change that - really doesn't help when a victim is faced with 2 years to sue or not. ]

When any vet consumer group ostensibly set up to help people deal with bad vettery, bullies a victim who is insisting on following this single and quintessential point of consumer law, you have to consider you are likely dealing with Hegelian soldiers. Ask yourself always: Cui bene? Who legally benefits from not utilizing this standard approach? When the answer is: "Only the malpractice vet" you have your answer.

So that's an example of "Hegelian". Actually there is a bit more. It wouldn't really be worth it for them to go to all that trouble just to quash or keep up on the unwashed rabble-rousers upset again the elite are getting away with elite corruption: no, the point of what they are doing isn't just "defensive" - to get a "heads up", it's actually more sinister and very offensive. What they do then, is to feed the righteous anger within such a group of rabble-rousers, who are right in being upset at elite corruption and protectionism, fan the flames of this anger, and, you got it, encourage them to get out there hell-bent out of shape and doing "whatever it takes to "get justice" and to hell with the laws of the land.

In this day and age, that's a recipe for disaster, for some quiet type with access to weapons and "a list" as we know all too well. That is "Abortion Clinic extremist" mentality. And that's where the Hegelians win and get what they are really after: loss of freedoms for the people. Because one rampage is all it takes to have the people themselves clamoring for more draconian laws that restrict people's rights.

And then, if such a horrific eventuality took place, all the Vet Industry would have to do is sagely nod their heads and say - see WHO we have to deal with walking through out vet offices? "These people should not be allowed to have animals." And, they would pass even more legislation making themselves stronger, and bringing terrible penalties to any who dare to say "Boo" back to a bad vet.

And that is what Hegelianism is all about, that is the Holy Grail of elite deviant behavior - go read Anthony Sutton now, would you. So those PUBLIC DISCUSSION of illegal activities to stop bad vets, and slamming those who say cool it, would be dead ringers for such, or else, "ignorant" "backwards" "madmen" etc. etc. etc. Which I don't think they all are. That leaves Hegelian.

I know (from the invisible trackers I don't edit) that many others are coming here to find out what the heck is really going on. I know this from the writings I have put out there for two plus years and the credibility they seem to engender.

So, this is for you:

Here are 5 things I consider huge RED flags of any veterinary consumer group:

(1) Encouraging the use of libel and slander in venting
(2) Encouraging the revelation of legal case details that should never be revealed in a chat room
(3) Having NO warnings about the legal implications of what is being written, that none of the contributions are protected - given most everyone is seeking legal avenues this is reckless. NOT posting any "cool it's" to rants that recommend physically harming bad vets is NOTHING I - or any other normal person - want to be involved with.
(4) Insisting - no ranting - that collecting proof of emotional damage at the the loss of a "family" member - a cherished pet - is detrimental and to be avoided at all costs.
(5) Having several email ID's - fluffing up the group membership - that refer back to the same and only three people involved with the group.

[Anything else they did regarding me personally only served to point to some sort of hidden agenda. Why would someone accuse someone else of doing something illegal, which is a serious accusation, not one to be taken lightly, when they know for a fact their accusation was false, their accusation was merely a ploy at causing emotional distress to someone ALREADY suffering from emotional distress at the loss of a pet. Bullies do that, to be sure, but what these people engaged in was far beyond bullying, this was typical of the Hegelians at work.]

[3/13/09 Update:
This group perpetrated a recent and ugly public display of unstable behavior. What do they think they will gain with such a mind-boggling display of obsession/stalking - though I am glad it has been made public. This sort of behavior is not triggered by the loss of a pet, clearly something else going on with their hounding, and what some readers here consider a subrosa search for a clone or clone material.

If you go to that link and actually get to the end of that stunning expose of who the complainant et al. really are - in their words no less - try to have some compassion for at least one human who lost their soul a very VERY long time before 2005.

The complainant's deep rage now appears not to have started with the tragedy more and more people conclude he has shamelessly exploited... if you Google-earth his address - made public on his websites - he is living in a modest home of not much more than 1,000 sqft with 5? 3? dogs. As clear, is his desire for a 6th, a clone. Are his dogs altered? If not, wouldn't that make him what he called her? I hope no one reading that exchange gets in in their head to call Animal Control without also calling in a SWAT team to standby while they take a peek. What would this person DO if one of HIS dogs was removed from his house?

The real damage is that the bad elements at the VMB he (and others) have lost against - if they didn't actually set him up to do this on purpose - must be laughing their heads off - and with good reason. If they knew he was involved with a vet mal support group, as I am sure they do by now, it likely has become a national VMB inside-joke. Look who they got to do their dirty work for them! Any better model of Hegelianism at work? Any credibility he might have had - flew out the window with that public exchange. I have the deepest gratitude admiration and respect for his Ripoff Report target, whose words make me want to become a better person, a better writer, a more credible advocate for animals, and people hurt by bad vets, AND malicious, vindictive people.

Curious to us is that his gang turned on me right around the time he left off his prior target. By their own research, it is clear as a bell that the VMBs are actually NOT the only court of justice and restitution.
It would make our jobs as pet parents easier if the VMB actually had a reputation of doing THEIR job, instead of a reputation of biting the hands that feed them. They bite our hands because they are actually being fed in greater chunks from the constituency they purport to regulate, instead of the constituency they purport to serve. Hegelian again.
Since 2003, every good animal lawyer KNOWS what to do to achieve justice and restitution. In the end, no one with a real beef really CARES what the VMB
does or doesn't do with regard to the courts and mal vets. If the government is looking to cut back, really, cut back ALL the VMB's. We don't need more of THEIR vigilance, pets would be better off if all the VMB's were completely decommissioned and the pet owning public were NOT fooled into thinking there was a safety net against mal vets. I'd vote for that.

Starting over, there would have to be a new regulatory structure, one that removed the influence of big pharma and defense departments from their century long vet schools animal experimentation rampage; removed the FDA from being any authority whatsoever in the companion animal vet world; as our pets are companions not food - the FDA's legal loopholes make it LEGAL for big pharma to influence vets to experiment on companion animal if they want; made it illegal for food-pharma to influence the vet offices; made all deaths of an animal under vet care - subject to
- automatic reporting; institute a risk scoring system to trigger mandatory investigation - with or without the pet owner's consent.

And, ready for this vets? They would make ANY WRITTEN REFUSAL OF FURTHER CARE after they have mucked things up with the animal, causing the owners to have to pay again to start over the cycle of "we don't knows", subject to automatic New Vet Board competency review, together with mandatory re-testing of the VET. All pet owners documented reports the vet keeps treating an animal - and charging for treatments - while singing a chorus of "we don't know's" must return for review to VET SCHOOL THEY GRADUATED FROM. And the payments automatically refundable.

Now that would really be a vet board that is set up to protect the consumer. And we know, it won't happen. Period. Case closed. So, forget the VMB's. Don't fund them.

So, Arnold! If you want to find half a billion by next week? Give a team re-engineering authority over CA VMB, you'll find 1/2 billion identified and in the works by April 15th.
Don't cut teachers, cut the VMB! Strip their power down to the bone, we can put something win-win in place 90 days later. Send a pink slip to everyone in your VMB now. And BTW, the teaching universities supporting their big business focus would also suddenly find what I call their "slush fund money" freed up - perhaps to re-engineer THEIR vet curricula... and perhaps - one day turn - out a REAL vet for once - who had not actually killed or hurt a single animal in their quest for vet dom. Right, dream on. The culture of "dumbing down" and "killing up" does not end this quickly.

All pet owners should have a problem with Texas A&M, and others of its ilk - as I do with one of the California equivalent's, UC Davis - and all veterinary schools and their heinous research labs.

The horrors they legally are allowed to perpetrate - and the animal experimentation ALL vets must go through to gain their status, is in my opinion the SINGLE fundamental reason - if I had to pick one - that has led DIRECTLY to this hidden epidemic of bad vettery. On the one hand the Vicks' of the world are held up to be monsters, and they should, yet those sainted? monsters in white coats who do worse than Vicks are given a free pass?

So, for the SAME REASON I would not ask VICK's for a vet recommendation, I would not ask Texas A&M for a vet recommendation. To back my story of vet malpractice? HELL no. That would be Hegelian. Animal abuse in a football uniform or a white coat is still animal abuse.

If my pet was harmed or killed by a bad vet, the very last thing I would do, is to pull expert opinion, recommend or utilize in court - any resource from any flag-leader of such animal torture.

And I call them a flag-leader NOT ONLY because of their collaboration with Genetic Savings and Clone and the cruel and horrific results - or lack thereof - of the cloning experiments they PAID Texas A&M to do - but the wide and hidden range of other animal experimentation going on behind their very very locked and protected doors.

Any pet owner with any shred of compassion for animals, should start vetting their choice of vets starting with the history of animal experimentation done at the University that trained the vet's skills, their values, and their minds. Hegelianism rules there: they say, "torture, kill and maim these animals in the name of a greater scientific good", then upon graduation, with the wave of our wand, you're suddenly "sacred and untouchable societal icons of animal kindness and ethics." Hegelian again.

Any pet owner who actually GOES there for expert advice in the case of a mal vet, is walking into a very political hornet's nest way over their head. It's exactly like asking the foxes to litigate for the hens.

Nevertheless, many in the public do not understand the depths of this, but all that is no reason - in my book - to back off working with people who want to make a difference.
I personally would have had nothing to do with this set had I not been introduced by someone I considered a class act and now, when I see the context of her contributions in that Ripoff Report exchange, both Mackie's Dad and I are appalled. That's my bad! I let my guard down and joined the group without due diligence. Let his target's words stand as a shining example of "how to be" in these times.

I still think that the person who introduced me to these people is fundamentally not of their ilk, which goes to show that if you hang around the wrong group long enough, you get sucked in.

Clicking on that link, and this, will show you how he has long treated well-meaning people and what they think of him. I am surprised he did not get others from his gang to go to THAT forum and join in the abuse. He has left a trail of abusive Internet behavior since 2005.

The group is supposed to be a support group, and what they did to me was worse than what the vet office did to me. Why? They were challenged, really challenged to look at the entire situation in a way that would transform the status quo. Everything, their hysteria, anguish and anger - was challenged - put it to productive use and transform it. Not to go around libeling, slandering, bashing, dreaming up illegal ways to hit back at the vets and the VMB. To select the proper avenues. To act like class acts always. To separate concerns. To have transparency - the same things we all want of our vets and their regulators. To act in ways respectful of the spirit of their deceased pet. The sad attitudes of the commentator here (which we've decided to leave permanently as a warning to the true nature of these people) do not respect themselves much less their dead pet.
[March 14, 2009 update]

People who have lost pets due to wrongful actions are vulnerable. If this is you, DO NOT JOIN an unvetted INTERNET GROUP OR CHAT ROOM. Least of all one run by gang mentality. Weak people appear strong by being bullies; dysfunctional people use clinically diagnosable disordered behaviors/methods, illustrated by the languaging of the earliest commentator here, and by the behaviors of the complainant over at Ripoff. Dangerous people are the sum of those two attributes. These people, in their world view, did not get what they wanted, weren't perceived as they wished, and/or were challenged, and resorted to abusive behaviors - false accusations, obsessiveness and stalking of one sort or another.

Curiously these people started the personal vendettas I know of with false accusations. That tends to "THROW" their other "stories", for me, back to the beginning of their lives.

So, form/join a local group in person. You get a better measure of a person's heart.

From a legal strategy perspective in these matters of vet mal, you MUST start collecting proof of emotional damage at home IMMEDIATELY, and the best way is by having video proof of what it has done to the quality of your family life, which takes place at home.

Then you seek out a professional - one provided by your lawyer, or not - who will provide a written assessment to the courts of the emotional damage to you and your family, AND attach the very damaging video - as compelling backup to prove their written assessment. Otherwise, you know, it's like everyone has a problem these days, obviously video proof is critical.
E.g., if a victim of vet mal can prove the death of their pet really was the trigger that turned them into a stark, raving lunatic - and all that was recorded (legally) on video tape, and they got a GOOD team of lawyers and doctors, at least the functioning spouse (if there is one) will be able to retire early. The victim unfortunately will have to retire where they no longer pose a danger to society. Win, win, I'd say.

  1. There is NO room in this work for ANYTHING that may be interpreted as stark, raving lunacy. There is a difference between evidence of DEEP and GENUINE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA and VINDICTIVE SPITEFUL REVENGE. One gets you credibility in court, the other credibility in a government run institution, often prisons or insane asylums.
  2. So, screaming in pain in at the unjust outcome of an unjust court is evidence of DEEP and GENUINE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA. Repeated patterns of aggressive, vindictive, malicious acts and false accusations against total strangers - with documentation of course - becomes evidence of a Class 4 Personality Disorder, or a Dual Diagnosis, or in the vernacular, STARK RAVING LUNACY.

There is a difference, and no, there is NOT LIKELY going to be an early retiring spouse really in the latter case, as adults who vengefully hurt other people because of, excuses like, they were beat up as kids, or their pets were beat up when they were kids, or their bad vet killed their pet, just don't seem win juries' sympathies anymore.
The vet malpractice epidemic is rooted in systemic and often unspeakable disregard for animal and human life in their (the mal vets') and their regulators' offices. Which is no different -in my book - that what the Ripoff Report complainant above and the commentator here have demonstrated to me. If a group purporting to make a difference in vet mal is led by people who publicly and repeatedly display the same values as we see in the mal vet offices, our pets lose. And that's MY bottom line.
In Mackie's name and spirit that is not something we want to be involved with. It may seem that only one issue or email made our minds up to leave, the one about the legal strategy, but as I was clear in the last private email, it was primarily their pattern of promoting libel, slander, the all too easily accepted accusations of no only mal vets, but OTHERS, and the sense I personally got from the their emails - that "all this" was going to at some point be "taken to the streets", shall we say. When I took on the one person who was rude to me publicly in the group, I decided to explain my serious misgivings "elsewhere". She followed me here. For 24 hours. She - and the others - have for now been banned from commenting here. I am always hopeful an apology will come, but a remarkable woman recently taught me that has to be their decision.
Be careful what you write in any email even to your lawyer concerning your legal situation. Less is more.

Good luck.

A comment from this post may provide a link to a protected website with professional veterinary consumer legal, investigative and other resources. If you have very few funds to go down this road, the resources there may help you get started. Sorry, I offer no chat room.

And also, we hope at some point the founders and others who (in my opinion) bullied and libeled me at 'stopbadvets' will stop coming here, get a life and move on. Most of my friends, colleagues and contacts go to a protected website I began when I stopped posting here. Publicly available information of a nature that underscores what people everywhere are experiencing with these people is added to the last comment.