Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ariana Lindquist for The New York Times

Pieces of melamine displayed by a worker.

The melamine is ground into a powder and added to animal feed as a filler to keep costs low.

The Main Stream Media grudgingly tosses a nod to a raging crisis. After three months of non-stop pressure, the New York Times for one today acknowledged (after pulling their story more than once) that melamine spiking has been an Open Secret in China.

"Open Secret" means that any US Pet food company performing required DUE DILIGENCE would know this. Any stakeholder finger-pointing to the other one, such as between Natural Balance and American Nutrition ANI is just so much collusion, racketeering and mafia-tactic cover-up, orchestrated by the Court of King George, e.g., in this case by his US Department of Health and Human Services (FDA), the "me know nothin'", "me do nuthin'" and "me see nothin'" con artistes par excellence.

Case in point, NATURAL BALANCE, it is morally insane to deny responsibility to pets you were informed have been sickened by your failure to acknowledge the Open Secret in your industry.
So far, the NY Times has written this pertains to ANIMAL FEED. But we all know it's in the wheat flour, rice products, that are made into ingredients used in human food, from pizza to baby formula. But this is the America of King George. The morally insane Corporate NWO's feed their own children to werewolves for the evil eye over the pyramid.

But lets all remember these are Olympic sized China-US "Most Favored Nation" games being played here: their companies are greedy recipients of our expired emergency medical supplies sold at top dollar to the the Chinese people, as much victims as our American people.

So where does it end? Might we next discover Chinese medical waste added to animal feed to increase protein content? Read the link, it explains :
"According to a report from local Chinese media as quoted by TVBS, the special protective clothing used during the outbreak of SARS was made of plastic and was recycled from all of the medical waste from hospitals. First, the medical waste was rinsed with water, and was then washed and bleached with detergent and industrial bleach. After that, it was crushed into plastic granules, which were made into bags for food, containers, disposable cups and even toys for kids."
Shall Americans pretend to be surprised if we learn that aborted Chinese babies are added to animal and human food ingredients to increase their protein value? After all, that would be right up there with the sort of sick family values we find practiced by Prince Junior and his ilk, especially in Mexico, right Junior?